Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I am super allergic to many things lor.. Haiz.. over the times I recovered from some allergies, they just recovered by themselves.

1) Plasters - The aread where the plaster touched on my skin will redden and rashes will appear. Sometimes, there will be yellow pus and very itchy.

2) Balloons - I cannot touch balloons, my face will swell up like pig head.

3) Confetti - I cannot touch these too, my face will also swell up.

4) Prawns - I can't eat this when I was young but now I can eat. Weird.

5) Grass - The juice of grass will cause rashes on my skin.

6) Paint on lips - I tried a few times to use the red opera paint for my lips. My lips will itch and swell the next day.

7) Glue - I stuck eyelashes using this white eyelash glue and my eyelids will itch after the show, next day, it will swell abit and redden.

Mah fan right... Aiyoh.. Now, I am having this very big swell on my arm becuz I stuck plaster on it and I changed the position when my skin start to swell. So now, my arm got a red * sign.. Very itchy..

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