Saturday, June 16, 2007

Taiwan - Shi Lin

After celebrating bday, we took MRT to Shi lin. I am finally going to shi lin after so long! YAY~

慶祝生日后我們搭地鐵去士林. 我終于要去士林了!耶!

The MRT in Taiwan is similiar to the one in SG leh. 臺灣的地鐵跟新加坡的差不多。

My favourite Terra Cotta Warrior! ooooh.. so cool and stylo. Haiz.. please lor yx, you still don't look like the warrior lor.

我最愛的兵馬俑!夠帥,夠酷! 阿翔要跟它比帥啊?

Shi Lin Night Market! 士林觀光夜市!

This is the hawker next to Shi Lin night market. YX said that these stalls used to be in the night market but they moved out to form this hawker centre.

我們先去吃飯,來到士林的小販中心. 裏面有很多好吃的東西....真吟當然選擇..

This stall was chosen by zhenyin becuz the owner taught xiao zhu to fry oyseter omelette before. I like to eat the gong wan.. tho zhenyin don't like it.

這攤咯.因爲攤主曾經教過小豬炒耗煎~ 我喜歡吃貢丸可是真吟不喜歡咯.

Mango ice is so so nice! I miss it so much! You must try this if you go there. My god..

芒果冰!太好吃了!好想念哦!入口即化的冰.. 唉,好想吃!

Tasty Mango ice! 好吃的芒果冰!

Yay! We can start shopping le! 吃過晚餐后我們就可以開始逛街了! 

We went into a CD shop and I saw this super weird dog! So ugly lor my god.


As I said, there are many weird things in Taiwan. Look at this potato chips spiral tower! Isn't it cute? And there are many different flavours to choose from!


Then it's time to go back. Buying the single trip ticket. Their ticket is also quite cute.


This is the single trip ticket. Weird right? When you go in, you have to scan the coin and when you go out, you can directly put it into the scanning part of the gates. That saves you the trouble of returning the coin to the machine to get back your $1. Unlike sg. So mah fan.. lousy.


We walked out of the mrt and strolled back to our hotel and on the way back, I saw this..


China's Pekin opera troupe is coming to perform on 5 June and I am leaving on 2 June. I can't catch it! so sad. You know it's very hard to catch their performance live. Especially if you stay in SG. Haiz... And the lao sheng in the photo is Yu Kui Zhi. He is so good, his voice is WONDERFUL~

中國京劇院!他們要來演出,六月五日! 唉,我二號就囘新加坡了,看不到了!哎喲,照片上的那個老生是于魁智.他真的很棒哦!好喜歡聼他的唱腔.

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