Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Taiwan - YX Bday

Dearest Xiang Xiang's bday on 30 May! He is officially 28 le. An old boy le! See the candle in taiwan so cute, unlike sg where they give us 2 big candles and 8 small candles which will cover the whole cake with candles. Dumb lor.


The nice nice bday cake~ tasted nice too!

Lao ma wanted to give ah boy red packet but ah boy dun wanna take, so lao ma chased him all the way to the door until he bobian..


Finally, the angbao giving ceremony! 頒紅包典禮!

Hong bao again! 多一個紅包!

~~~~祝你生日快樂, 祝你生日快樂~~~~
~~~~Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you~~~~

Making a bday wish. Hopefully your wish come true lor. 在許願,但願你心想事成咯!

Must hold me so tight ma? 哎喲,一定要摟那麽緊嗎?

Cutting the cake~ Ah boy stopped celebrating bday for many eayrs le. He told me that he almost forgot about celebrating bday.


Picking 4D!!This is a very typical and classic singaporean practice. Picking 4D on a birthday. YX was abit surprised at first but he also bought the number which he picked. Oh yah, very coincidently, he picked my aunt's phone number!


Pick 4 D also must do stupid pose... really lor.. mad.


We took some neocards at Taiwan~! Cute or not? Took in GX one. This YX very daring. Dare to pinch me, I slap him make him fly to lau pa sat lor.


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