Sunday, June 03, 2007

Taiwan - Departing

Departing for Taipei at 1pm.. Taking jetstar, the budget airline of course. I left for Taipei on 25/05/07 and now I am back. Time flies so fast, 9 days passed in a flash....

I went with my mum, my aunt and a cousin. We were all in a super duper good mood lor.

Jetstar. I tot we were taking THIS plane but actually we did not, my cousin lor, false alarm. Told me that this plane is the one we are going to take.

Taking 3K521 flight. My mum was very happy because it has been 15 years since she last went to TW so she was looking forward to this trip since long ago.

THIS is our plane. Chey... Very boliao at the waiting area, so I anyhow took photos. Too sian le mah..

Introducing my cousin (Zhenyin), my aunt and my mum. Think I dun need to tell you who is who, it's rather obvious right.

Zhenyin also very excited cuz she was looking forward to see her idol, Xiao Zhu aka Luo Zhi Xiang. She was kinda suay cuz we were not in Taipei when her idol had those public appearances so she was pinning all her hopes on 30/05. On that day, her idol will appear outside the TV station for phototaking session but it was not confirmed.

Singapore, I am leaving Singapore. BYE!!!!

TAIWAN!! Here I COME~!!!


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