Monday, December 31, 2007

Xmas Eve.

I went to Jun Hua's house for Xmas eve celebration. As YX doesn't care about me anymore, I will celebrate this special occassion with my good friends.

Jun Hua sms me the location of his house an how to get there but apparently, his directions were badly described and I missed the bus stop totally. So in the end I have to meet James at AMK and we go down to JH's house together.

JH and his gf were playing a board game and we joined in. I was usually bad at board games but I won! hahah.. I won lor! Surprisingly.

Later Entaro and Lock arrived too and we prepared the table...

The table full of gifts and food. Yummy. The satay was nice. Jun hua very smart. I first time see people cook satay in those toaster one..

I take photos then these 2 also wanna take photos.. Entaro and Junhua climbed onto the chairs to take a top view of the table.

I also took a picture of the top view.

Later one we watched 2 movies. Abit silly leh, we watched 'lu ding ji' by Stephen Chow first. It's a very very stupid show which Entaro brought. Though it's stupid, it's still quite funny.

Then we watched a vampire show. Those old vampire show made in HK.. you know.. by lin zheng ying one. Very cheesy lor those jokes but they reminded me the good old times when I enjoyed those show when I was young.

Looks like we are all a bunch of people who miss our good old days.. but I almost fell asleep watching.

Think we watched till 1+am and left.

I remember that last year, we spent xmas eve in Junhua's house too. That time I was slightly less depressed. I think YX has made me more depressed.


Anonymous said...

Hi,my name is Vivian - anonymous
May i know how was your visit to the specialist the other time? Any helpful? I have begin to feel that i cannot control my mind anymore, they have almost controlling me.

Miko said...

hello Vivian.. well.. in the end i didn't go.. I wasn't motivated enough I just let all my sadness eat me up. I still try to act like normal outside. That's the most I can do. I understand very well how you feel when you said that your mind are controlling you because I feel that too..

I am sick these few days. It made me more upset, I think no one cares.

Anonymous said...

i feel very hopeless. I can be ok at one time and crying at the other time. I don't like this life but i cannot help it

Miko said...

Did you try to go for counselling? The phsychiatrist is good but it's quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

i did not go but i am under some medication to help my mind relax. Are you doing anything to overcome?

Miko said...

I do have relaxants and sleeping pills to help me sleep. Other than that, I do not have any kinds of help. I just struggle on my own lor. It's very hard really but I don't have a choice. Haiz.. it sucks. I just try to go out with friends more...

Anonymous said...

doctor gave me those too. We must get ourself out from this illness. Dun help them control us and be the victory.

i have decided if after 2 weeks, still no improvements, i will go to see specialist.