Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rebonded Hair

I don't know why the ends of my rebonded hair will curl. Is it my shampoo? or my hair mask??? Or maybe the chemicals the salon use wasn't strong/good enough?


Abit sianz..

Fortunately it's still soft. If it curls at the ends and it's not soft anymore I will blow my top. I think I will do rebonding again next year Feb. For the sake of chinese new year.

Arggh.. I hate chinese new year! Everyone will ask about bf lah, marriage lah.. hate it. I think I will announce that I am a lesbian.

Good news!!!

The God#$%% pimples on my face are finally fading!! yay!! Hah! After so long they finally gave up and decided to fade away. Now I got to deal with the scars. Sianz, the scars are very hard to get rid.

Don't ask for too much, at least there are no more pimples now.


Kongming said...

got pi yao to declare tat or not?
if u need, then want i declare? go b dan ah?

Miko said...

this is my blog, i can declare whatever I want lor.

You can also declare whatever you want in your blog.