Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jiang Cheng Zi

I bet most of you must have heard of Su Shi aka Su Dong Po before. Many of my friends made fun of his name calling him sotong ball.

I used to like one of his poems alot because it was so touching. He wrote this poem for his deceased wife.

Title: Jiang Cheng Zi.

不思量 自難忘
千里孤墳 無處話淒涼
塵滿面 鬢如霜

小軒窗 正梳妝
相顧無言 惟有淚千行
明月夜 短松岡

I have got an english translation here just in case you need it:

Ten years now separating the living and the dead,
I do nothing to remember,
But I cannot forget.
Your lonely grave a thousand miles away ...
Nowhere can I talk of my sorrow --
Even if we meet again, you will not recognise me.
Now that my face has aged and my hair is like snow.

In the dark of night I suddenly dream that I am home
You are by the window combing your hair
We looked at each other unable to speak
Thousands of tears flowed
I must accept that every year I'll think of that heart breaking place,
Where the moon shines brightly in the night, and bare pines guard the tomb.

Touching? Do you like it? I like it very much, the way he described his thoughts for his dead wife and the description of his dream. I can imagine his sadness.

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Kongming said...

i like his 水调歌头