Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My life sucks

I was talking to Lock and was telling him how I spent my New Year's eve. I told him that me, YH and 2 other friends were at Punggol Park. We were drinking and chatting there till 4+am.

Lock: Wah.. until 4+am. I wonder if you have so many topics to talk about. All you talk about nowadays is how life sucks.. how men sucks.. how much you want to die..*roll eyes*

Me: I got other things to talk about also lor...

Lock: I can't think of other things you talk about.

Me: Only Me and YH are sian lor, the other 2 are more enthu mah..

Lock: I pity your 2 friends lor.

Me: At least YH still got hope leh. Her new year wish is that she will have less unhappiness and live a better life.

Lock: YH still got some hope in life... and I know what is your wish!

Me: yah la. mine is I hope that I won't live till 2009.

Lock: You know the thing with New Year wishes.. They never happen. From my past experiences over so many years, none of my new year wishes came true.

Me: Sucks lor.. I was sleeping for the whole day yday cuz I was sick. So sian..

Lock: But you always lie in bed what. Even if you don't sleep, you also lie in bed and do nothing.. so which is better, lie in bed not doing anything or sleeping.

Me: Haiz... so sian.

Lock: Your life sucks lor. Now that I said it, I think your life sucks also.

Me: hahaha.. sian man.. I think I prefer sleeping.

I think my life will continue to suck all the way lor.

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