Sunday, December 09, 2007

Li Yu Gang

Amai got blog about Li Yu Gang before, the guy who impersonate women for a job.

I w as surfing about 'Gui fei zui jiu' recently because I suddenly want to learn to do this show and I came across this MV of Li Yu Gang. It's his new song named, Xin Gui Fei Zui Jiu. I like the song very much. The melody is very nice and the part where he sang in a dan's voice is also very nice.

Take a look here. He is a pretty dan. The song sounds like 2 persons are singing but it's actually just him alone.

Unfortunately, he didn't release an album of this song and KTV don't have this song too.. haiz.

Nice song!Li Yu Gang's photo as a man.
Li Yu Gang as a woman.

I must admit that he did his dan quite well. His movements were rather smooth and he carries off the gui fei feel quite well.

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Kongming said...

this dan is pretty!!!