Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Farewell My Concubine

I don't know if you have seen this film before but this is one of the BEST film I have ever ever seen in my life. The story is so nice, so touching!

Of course it will help if you have a little background understanding of China's history then you will understand it better.

This movie is a tragedy telling the life story of 2 pekin opera actors, how they met and how they suffered during the hardest time in China. The most prominent role should be Cheng Die Yi. That's the male lead.. or should I say the female lead? Hee hee..

This role was done by Leslie Cheung. He did a wonderful job cuz I think this role is very very very hard to act out. There are so many things he need to look out for especially those emotional parts. Also, I think he did the opera parts very well. Though the singing was dubbed, he did the movements himself. It was said that the director asked him if he want to have a real pekin actress double him during those opera parts, he said no, he wantd to try it himself and he did a wonderful job.

This film is rather long and you have to be focused when you watch it to catch the real emotions of the actors.

Best movie.

Here are some interviews of the main casts.

Part 1: Actors describing how they acted out the roles

Part 2: Same as above, but Leslie described his pekin opera parts. Just look at him! he looked so natural and so 'jiao mei'! My god. Even in my troupe few dans can do that kind of 'feel'. (sorry to say that lah)

Part 3: Some clips from the movie.

Leslie is such a pretty dan! Don't you think so? Actually men has a certain charm when they act as dans. There is this 柔中帶剛 feel. Especially the singing. It is less shrill with a mellow touch. I must declare that only CERTAIN outstanding male dans can deliver such feel. Some male dans... can't make it. Sorry to say that also.

I can only say... Leslie is such a good actor. It's a pity to lose such a good actor like him... haiz...

If you haven't seen this movie, you should see it. And be touched by it.

The below clip is Leslie practicing pekin opera. As I said, the voice is not his, it's dubbed but the movements were pretty well done. Btw, he did my fav MDT in this movie too.. :)

Got 'feel'..

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