Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dynasty KTV

Been feeling low again these few days so never update my blog. Haiz.. no mood to write and nothing to write.

Recently, there were quite a few visitors in my blog whom I don't know. I think I better watch my tongue and don't write too much crap. Skali they are spies, to spy if I got scold the government or not.. or something like that. I am so used to thrashing out everything in blog scolding anything and everything I want, it's going to be hard.

Haiz, sian.

Last Sat, I went to meet Lock to go KTV with him, Sumi and my mum. Lock was supposed to pick us up at Wisma but apparently someone casted darkness on him and he didn't have any eyedrops so he keep missing the turns and lost his way. In the end he stopped below a big tree near Wheelock place and I had to walk over with my mum and my kik kok heels.

Then we picked up Sumi and we all went for ice-cream at Island Creamery. The ice-cream was recommended by Lock. He told me they were special because there were lots of local flavours like Nutella, Chendol, apple pie, Horlicks etc. And the weirdest flavour was Tiger Beer! Just imagine Tiger Beer ice-cream. I tried that and it was actually not bad lor. It's not bitter as I expected. Quite sweet.

After ice-cream, we went to Dynasty KTV. Sounds sleazy..

But that was one of the better KTVs I went to.

The room was big with 3 TVs side by side. The one in the middle is for you to pick your songs, the one on the left was for your KTV and the one on the right for you to surf net!

You can also adjust the temperature of the aircon in the room so it's not too cold unlike most KTVs which were freezing cold. I switched off the air-con as the room was very cold when I went in.

Surprisingly, that KTV has got the latest songs. Not bad, at least they update their database. I managed to sing Jay's latest song, 'Cowboy very busy'.

The rooms there were fully booked so if you wanna go there, you have to book in advance. I can see why they are popular.. They are cheap! $58 per room so you just divide among yourselves. BTW, they only open on weekends. Each of us paid $14.50 on a Sat night. That's quite cheap.

We sang until 2:45am before calling it a day. Tired like hell. We planned to watch vcd after ktv but we were too dead by then.. All fell asleep.. zzzzz...

That's about all, a very normal entry, with not vulgar language. hahaha..


Hallelujah said...


Do you mean the Dynasty KTV behind peace centre level 2 above the NTUC?

$58 for room and $14.50 for drink? That is impossible.

Dynasty is a very posh and expensive place. I also see customer driving ferrari going there.

and there are hostess dress glamously with expensive jewellery and proud look.

Anonymous said...

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