Thursday, December 27, 2007

My dream

An example of what kind of dreams I am having every night.

I dreamt that I have got a friend, let's call her 'A', and we were together in a place with some other people. I think it's a resort or something. A place for people to gather to have fun.

I thought A was a nice person so we became good friends then one day, A started killing everyone off in brutal ways. She will either shoot them or chop them up. One by one she killed off our common friends. She will then pretend to be nice to those who are still alive. I happen to know about her secret of killing off our friends and I asked her if she will kill me too. She paused for awhile and said,"maybe".

I still kept the secret for her until she finally killed everyone off and another group of people came into the resort. We don't know this group of people. She pretend to try to make friends with them and then kill them off.

Sick dream right... Too bad the dream has got no ending.

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