Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Food Tasting

Last week, a colleague invited me and Lock to go to Chijmes for food tasting for our DND. So good, got free food to eat.

It was a chinese style dinner. Actually it's exactly the same as a wedding dinner! I never heard of DND having chinese style sit down dinner before. Normally it's buffet style.

Anyway, Lock is a shameless greedy pig (he himself admitted he is shameless and greedy) so he went with us.

We had the food tasting in the main hall of Chijmes. I love the ambience there. So classic and romantic. It will be a perfect place for wedding dinners. But this ambience comes with a high price of about $900++ to $1000++ per table and the food was so so only.

The beautiful hall in Chijmes.

BTW, we are not having the dinner at this hall on the actual day because we only having 11 tables. Too little.

The food was ok only. I hate the noodle and dessert tho. Dessert was red bean paste. I hate red bean paste. The others also didn't like it so we decided to change it mang pudding. The noodle will be changed to lotus leaf rice.

The food portion was not very big. It was much smaller, in fact, compared to a wedding dinner I just had not long ago. They charge more but they give less for the location.

Too bad I can't invite YX to this dinner cuz he got performance at GCB. Anyway I got myself another partner already. hee hee.

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Anonymous said...

on my grandmom birthday, a company held DnD in chinese restaurant. they make their bangala staff do indian dance on stage. md