Monday, December 31, 2007

Steamboat at Eunos

I went to eat steamboat with my cousin and Aunt last week. My aunt insisted to treat YX for lunch tho I told her no need too because YX has been such an a** to me. Haiz.. but she insisted so she treated both yx and du.

Later in the evening, we went to eat steamboat.

My cousin, Zhen Yin. I didn't know that she is a vege lover too!

My aunt~
This Eunos steamboat shop is very ulu so there are not many people there. However, there is a surprisingly great variety of food. It was a buffet, about $12 I think. There were many choices of veges.. some which I never seen in steamboat restaurant before. I think it's quite worth it to eat here ba...

My cousin ask me to blog about this egg which fell onto the floor but the egg yolk was intact! she thought that it's amazing. Well.. it's quite amazing lor.

That day I was quite depressed. I think I am depressed everyday lah so it doesn't make a diff.


Kongming said...

this prove tat u wasted a fresh egg

fr said...

the egg-white also didn't spread out...I think it got something to do with 'viscosity'

Miko said...

Haha,.. i dunno what is Viscosity~ But then the egg white did spread out later on..