Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fireflies By Nick

Last week I quite a number of footages of Nick singing Fireflies in my room. He wanted to include some of the footages into his new endorsement for Comfort Design. So after completing his video, I browsed through all the videos that I took of him and find many cute and funny segments. I thought that it will be a waste if I don't showcase all his cute/funny actions so I decided to lump all the funny videos together and create a video for the whole song.

So since I wanna make this video, I thought I might try out my Adobe Premiere too. See what updates they have in the new version. I have not used it for 8 years, since I graduated from Poly but I know it's a great software. After installing. I realised that I have totally lost touch with the software. LOL, but after a while of fooling around, I found the touch back. There are so many changes in the software but the changes made the software more effective.

Ok, I must admit that I didn't put much thought and design the video nicely. Please don't expect a professional looking MV because I simply dumped in a few video effects and it was an one-hour effort. Anyway the effects are secondary, I just want to share Nick's fun-loving side.

I am so excited to try out the other functions of the software but I don't have any new videos liao. Will try to make a better video next time~ CUTE HOR??

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Anonymous said...

Nice Video! Thanks for sharing.