Monday, February 07, 2011

Super crowded supermarket

On a bright monday morning, I went to Supermarket, NTUC, to buy ingredients for our reunion dinner. Of course I didn't go alone, I went with my family except my sis. She was working.

It was a monday morning and I was shocked by the amount of people milling around the entire NTUC.

*** Just checked dictionary, 'milling' means moving around aimlessly and confusedly. I think they are not exactly aimless but they are quite confused with what kind of things to buy.

So after about 30 minutes of milling around with my parents, I decided to take a break and just stand at one corner, taking photos.

Can you spot my mum??? In the below photo??? I cannot find her but I know she is there.. somewhere.

My brother, super aimless and super confused. Like someone casted confuse on him or something.

Noticed that he dyed hair? I dyed for him! LOL, I convinced him that he should do something about his boring hair.

Did you all see the crowd? It was a monday morning, not a holiday or what lor.. but the super market was super crowded!! We had lots of problem pushing that trolley around. Keep bumping into people.

CNY, the biggest event of the year...


Kongming said...

i ultra zoom in..
she near e centre blue carton is it?

Miko said...

wah... i think so leh!!! Ur eyes very sharp!