Sunday, March 06, 2011

SJ & Shinee

I am nuts, I am not sleeping at this time and I am just listening to pop. LOL, I am having this 'hangover' from my opera performance. Haiz, when I flop like that I do something else to lift up spirits.

Recently, I have been listening to some Super Junior's and Shinee's songs. I thought I wouldn't like their songs because I don't really listen to K-pop but I found myself actually getting addicted to listening to their songs!

LOL, I am so random. Sometimes I wonder why. I do random stuff that is sometimes quite unexpected. I think my friends are used to me being random, they expected me to do something unexpected.

Like May will always say me,"Aiya, you are weird one mah."

I am not weird, I am just random. Sometimes being random is not that good also because I am interested in too many things.

Now, I am addicted to listening to a few songs from SJ and Shinee. They are not new songs but I didn't really listen to these songs until recently. A nice song is a nice song regardless of whether it's new or old.

I like SJ's 'No Others', 'Bonamana', 'Sorry Sorry' and 'SuperGirl'.

I like Shinee's 'Ring Ding Dong', 'Lucifer' and 'hello'.

Sometimes I will sing along the chorus of Ring Ding Dong because the words are quite simple. It's just ring ding dong, ring ding dong, ring diggy ding diggy ding ding ding.

When I sing this and my mum heard me, she asked me what the hell I am singing. Keep on singing ding dong ding dong. She asked if I am ding dong already. She thinks that this is a super weird song because a normal song wouldn't have lyrics like that.

This is the song Ring Ding Dong:

It's weird that I don't seem to like to listen to female singers. I dunno why but I just don't. They just don't appeal to me. My mp3 players has got hundreds of songs and I think 99% of them are male singers. I know it's bad for me to be so sexist but... I can't help it. LOL.

Here is Super Junior's 'No Other'. I am currently addicted to this song.

Ok lah I must admit some of the singers are quite cute. LOL...

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