Sunday, February 06, 2011

Reunion Dinner

Very funny.. Our family are very early diners. We normally eat dinner at 5.30pm. Reason being my sister always KP she is hungry at this hour.

The evening of our reunion dinner, we had to wait for my brother to come home and he works till like 6pm. My mum keeps calling him to ask him to faster come back and my sister pulled a long face.. because she was very hungry.

I was watching TV while waiting... and my whole family fell asleep!!

Hahahah.. so funny right, the whole family just fell asleep like that in the living room.

My father finally said,"Thou shall not wait for youyi. Thou shall eat now!"

So my sister very happy, smile came back to her face and she eagerly, excitedly she sat at the table... First one..

Yum yum!!

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