Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shall We Talk 2

Last Sunday, YH kp to me that why I wrote a lot about my work and about Nick. I told her that yes I can, if I don't blog at all.

Mad or what. I am everyday doing all these stuff and since my blog is about what I am doing, of course it will mention alot about my work right?

If let's say I don't write about what I did yesterday (omitting out the places I went to with Nick), I will probably be writing an entry that looks like this:

I had dinner at home, my mum cooked Brinjal which I love. And then I downloaded Shrek and watched it till I fell asleep. Therefore, I got up, switched off my lights and went to sleep.

End of story.

Isn't that .... boring? And I mean boring to the max lor. So if I am to write that, I rather that I not blog at all. Then someone else will also kp,"Miko! You very long never write blog liao leh..."

So today's blog will be... I got up at 10+am, I brushed my teeth, took a shower and then I continued watching Shrek at where I left off last night. Then my mum cooked some broccoli for me which I happily ate.

.......................... Fun huh?

Alrighty, remember I mentioned about filming in my previous post? That one line has to be repeated 5 times because the director wanted 5 different shots?

May was asking me why they didn't have 5 cameras shooting all the different angles at the same time?

That is not very possible because if they do that, the other cameras will appear in the wide angle shot and I don't think they will bring that many cameras. Save cost you know. More camera means more camera men.

I got a video here which was shot at an evening at NEX's carpark. Yup, the new shopping centre at Serangoon. I thought that the carpark will be very hot but surprisingly that carpark was quite cool.

First thing first... make up..

Then after make up we realised that Nick still has to wait for a long long time before his turn comes so he informed the AP that we will go walk walk first. If his turn is coming then give us a call. Then we went walking around in NEX. There wasn't alot of people there which is good. It was a weekday afternoon like 4pm so the shopping centre is still not so crowded. We walked for about 1 hour plus before it the AP called us to go back.

Remember about the one shot taken with different camera angles? I have done up a video here of Nick doing one simple shot in 3 different angles. We spent about 2 plus hours just for this shot.

Notice that the sky already turn dark by the time we got to the last shot. I asked Nick if it takes so long to shoot such a simple scene, I can't imagine them doing a whole drama. It must have taken ages!


Anonymous said...

Dun ned be so exgarating rite!? I didnt kp ok miko huang. I just comment that i realise all ur post is abt wk n ur boss hor . I didnt kp hor!

Miko said...

Aiyah.. write blog must kua zhang a bit mah... maybe i will have new things to write about if you do something extraodinary in class.. then i can write about it..

Anonymous said...

Dun think so i will Do any thing " extraordinary" . So u dun ned blog abt me. Haha... U can continue to blog other " extraordinary matters" k