Sunday, February 13, 2011

My mum bday..

My mum's ang moh bday is Ang's chinese bday, on the same day! On this day, I bring my mum to the KTV that she has always wanted to go. The new partyworld at NEX. I think because it's my mum's bday, she was very heng, the person there gave us a very big room with a massage chair inside!

The massage chair was very comfy! When it was not my turn, I will sit there and enjoy. :D

My mum tried to sing while sitting in the massage chair!

After that we went back home to cut cake. Nick already arrived at my place before we reach. He just finished filming and was super super tired but he still came to cut cake with my mum and wished her happy birthday.

That morning, we went to see Nick filming and the people of the crew including Zeng Shi Mei also wished her happy birthday. I think she was very happy!

See? She was very happy as I said.

Aiyo, why my ah yi's expression is like that?!

The cake was paid half by Ang and half by Nick. :) My mum was happy with the cake. She said it was very delicious~

Susan was there too to but I didn't get a picture of her. She went to KTV with us then went to my place to cut cake too. She didn't eat the cake tho cuz it's not vegetarian. My mum was overwhelmed by the gifts she got that day...

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