Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My dog

I am born in the year of dogs. I think it is a good year to get borned because I love dogs. They are faithful and cute. And I mean cutest to the MAX!

Unfortunately I am unable to have dogs, partly because I can't afford to have one to be committe to. However, mainly it's because my mum doesn't like dogs. But this does not stop me from liking them and buying dogs plushies which I think are cute.

Many years ago, my best friend gave me this on my 21st bday.. Yes, that was like 7 years ago...

My baby dog, I decided to name him Ah bao. If I ever have a real dog, I will name him Ah bao. I suddenly dug Ah bao out because Amai has got one too and she put her pic in FB. I didn't want to post too many funny pictures in FB so I posted them here instead. You see Ah Bao is trying to eat my hard boil egg!

And Ah bao was using my sister's favourite bowl, Doraemon bowl.... Then Ah bao says that he wants to see his new friend's, Soya Milk, photos. So I opened up Amai's page for him to see..

Then he decided to take a picture with the Amai's FB page. LOL...

Isn't he cute?! I love him very much. I once lost a small little puppy plushie that looks like ah bao but it is brown colour. His name was 'BB French'. I am so so so so so sad!!!!!!

Haiz.. I still miss BB French alot because it was also a gift.. :(


amai said...

Ah Bao is so so so CUTE!

Well, Soya belongs to FM. I bought Soya and packaged him to TW cos FM likes dogs.

Soya is a petite dog. FM keeps him in good condition. I was surprised to see Soya so new and clean. As good as new just like 3 years back.

However, once Soya came to SG...He surely gets dirty....hahahahahaha

Next time bring Soya to meet up with Ah Bao and then u will see how petite Soya is. ;)

Miko said...

I wish i have a real dog.. I want a jack Russel!

We must let soya and ah bao meet up then they can take photo together! I dunno how small is soya cuz i can't tell from the photos.. LOL.. we will let ah bao and soya play wii together! :P

Probably we can do it after my coi show!