Saturday, February 05, 2011


Happy Rabbit year to all my friends who always visit my blog!

I am back! Do you all miss me?? I dun think so lor and I have no idea who is reading my blog. I think Da Li Qin got read but she never comment.. Hahah so there might be some others.

Anyway I didn't blog much in January leh. That is very bad you know. Cuz like that I cannot keep track of what I did in 2011. I like to keep track of the things I did. The memorable times I had. And so, my blog is very important to me.

This year, I didn't take many photos for CNY because my stupid face haven heal. I am kping everyday that my face will faster heal lor. DAMN.

My cousins won't let me off if I don't take photos so I still took lah.

We made a deal to wear red this year so both Deina and Deina wore red. The first Deina abit cheating la, hers is pink lor. Not red! I went shopping especially to buy red clothes leh. Very hard to find. In the end I just bought a normal t-shirt. Cannot fly them aeroplane lah, die die must find a red outfit.

Next year's colour is YERROW. diaoz... YERROW makes me look fat.

My father asked me to invite Nick for our new year gathering too. This is the FIRST time a guy friend of mine joined my family CNY dinner. Normally I wouldn't ask my friends to come. This time is special cuz my aunt and my cousins all wanted to see him so I asked him lor. And so coincidently, he was free. I tot he will be busy on CNY Day 1.

So my aunt and cuzzies all took photos with him happily...

Taken in my pink room... The guy below is my cuzzie's bf wor. So lovey dovey like that.

Nick's appearance that night sparked questions, is he my bf?

Lots of relatives asked but of course he IS NOT lah... We are very very platonic friends. We always bitch each other one... He bitched me even on CNY day 1 lor....

After dinner, Nick went home. He needs beauty sleep.

Then my relatives started the NG family tradition of playing ban luck.

I didn't play, I am never a ban luck person leh. It just doesn't motivate me. So I didn't join lah, as usual. I went to my bro's room and I fell asleep watching TV!~ Until 10+pm then wake up and send the relatives off.

Not bad CNY~ Though nothing exciting happened this time round, I think it is important to have such a gathering time for the NG family.

Something wrong with my phone.. I sent out an sms like 10 min ago now then delivered.. Why take so long sia...

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