Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Bak Kua

My father wants to eat bak kua but he is lazy to go to the kitchen to get it. It was on top of my fridge.

So my father said to my mum,"Yesterday, I opened up that pack of bak kua above the fridge and it tasted funny. I think it's spoilt."

My mum thought it was impossible so she took that pack of bak kua down from the fridge and opened it. The package still looks new... it dawned upon her that my father didn't really eat the bak kua last night and it isn't spoilt.

So my mum said,"You want to eat bak kua, want me to take you don't want to say directly right?! Say what bak kua spoilt. It's not spoilt!"

And so my father got to eat his bak kua without moving his butt from the sofa.

When my mother told me this story, my father yelled," This kind of small things you also want to complain to the children...."

LOL.. What crazy family I have.


Anonymous said...

lol, your mum is too honest lah, when she discovered it's not spoilt, she should 将计就计,

exclaim loudly that the bak kua is indeed spoilt n then proceed to throw the bak kwa into the dustbin.

hahaha, guess who would jump up from the sofa to go after the bak kua.

Kongming said...


Miko said...

lol.. the first comment is from who??? My mum wouldn't do anything like that lor...