Friday, February 11, 2011

Nian Chu 3

When I was young, very young, I love a tv drama called, 飞跃银河. It is one of MediaCorp's few attempts of trying to make a sci-fi film. I remember that the female lead in the film was Chen Xiu Huan and she acted as an alien with super powers. I believe many people will remember this show right?

On Nian Chu 3, I was very happy to visit Chen Xiu Huan's home. She had lion dance at her home and we arrived just in time to see the lion dance. There were lots of guests at her home and of course I felt very uneasy to not know anyone at all at that place.

When we first reach there, there weren't any other artistes except for Chen Xiu Huan. So Nick just took a break and sat at a corner to have lunch. I just stood there looking at the lion dance. During the lion dance, the other artistes came in and so Nick went to chat with them. Well, I told Nick that he has to at least chat a bit even though he was not in a mood for chatting that day.

So I took the chance to take some photos for them too.

The one in red is Chen Xiu Huan's husband. Chen Xiu Huan is still so pretty! :)

Lion dance very li hai!

The baby that Pan Ling Ling is holding in the picture is Zoe Tay's 3rd son! And Zoe Tay's figure is still so good!

Nick recieved an Angbao from Zoe Tay.. But Zoe Tay said that Nick must faster get married and give her 3 angbaos next year~

It was a great experience~ We didn't stay there for very long. After chatting for awhile, we left to visit other people, mostly potential clients. :)

Nick was very tired because he must PR a lot with many clients during CNY but too bad~ That's his job. lol...

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