Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shall We Talk?

Nick is filming a new docu-drama 'Shall We Talk'. I think it's quite funny and I always make fun of him because this docu-drama aims at teaching parents how to deal with kids at puberty and how to teach them sex education. Hahahahaha.... They even deal with topics like wet dreams etc.

Nick likes to have company when he does things like filmings and meetings etc so I went with him to most of his filming if I am free. I am not everytime so eng eng one ok. Like yesterday, I went to teacher Ang's house whole day to do her music and rehearse. Tedious!

The few filming I went to was quite interesting but there were a lot and I mean A LOT of waiting time. For example, Nick has a line to say so he will say it while the director takes a wide shot. After that, the director will need to move the camera and lights etc to take a clost shot of Nick saying the same line. After that, the director will move the camera again and take a close shot of the other people in the scene while Nick says the SAME line again!

That means if there are 4 people in that scene, Nick will have to say the same line 5 times. One for the wide shot and 4 for the close shot of everyone in that scene. How tiring!! Then after saying this one line, the director will move the lights and the cameras around to another angle and film again. This moving around takes like 30 min because they want to ensure that they have the correct angle and the lightings are natural etc. At this moment, Nick will be stoning there waiting for his turn...

So I took LOTS and LOTS of photos of his filming set because he likes it that I take photos. He can put them on his FB and send them to his clothes sponsors.

Of course I can't upload everything but I will upload some.

The first day of filming was at a coffee shop and so coincidently, just opposite my house only! LOL.. so of course I went. The filming starts at 10pm and ended at 1+am and then next day filming was at 8am! Zeng Shimei and Nick both were super shag when I saw them the next morning. They slept like 2 hours only..

The coffeeshop scene.

Very unfortunately, my brother and me were dragged into acting as the background of that scene.

But my brother kept staring at their filming and I told him not to stare since he is acting as the backgroud.

All of them super tired when filming ended at 1+am. Shimei's husband Tang Yushu came to picked her up. Tang Yushu looks pretty down to earth and normal off-screen.

The next morning was my mum's bday! Yup, the day that we went to sing KTV and cut cake at home remember? Nick was filming early in the morning at 8am and my mum was interested to see the filming so we went to the serangoon park which was again very near my house. Basically all the filming locations are near to my house~

This scene was a jogging scene. Think Nick was too shag to jog la.

They took about 4 hours to shoot this park scene which will probably appear on TV for like 1-2 minutes. By the way I used my phone camera to take the photos. Not too bad right! My phone is good one.. :P

After that, they shifted everything into a flat nearby. It took again about 1+ hours to set up everything in the flat.

My mum and I didn't stay long at this scene because we were going to sing KTV at NEX. My mum has been wanting to sing there since the ktv opened! So finally we went and the following events were blogged up previously.

The day before yesterday, Nick went to NEX to film a scene. This time I brough along my camera so I took some videos and photos. I will blog them up here later on. Now very hungry, have to go eat lunch liao~~

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Kongming said...

normal lah..
e equipment must b in place.. then light check etc..
showbiz is damn tiring