Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yu Sang

How many times have you lao yu sang this year? I have done it 3 times, not a lot but I think it's enough.

The first one was at SL during our tuan bai. Every year will have tuan bai performances and yu sang. I didn't perform this time though. I just went there to watch. LOL.

Uncle's daughter, Yi Ying, performed again and once again, the audience really love her performance.

Later on, I found out that she agreed to sing because her father has promised to get her chocolate if she sings..... -_-"

Yiying and her chocolate...

After the performance, it was time for yu sang.

Very the crowded right.. It was so crowded that I give up trying to join in the lao yu sang.. So I just took photos instead. After they have finishing laoing then I eat. LOL.

Then I had lao yu sang twice at teacher Ang's house. Once was bought by ZY one day. I have no idea why she suddenly bought yu sang to teacher's house that day..

The third time was ai xin yu sang prepared by QY. She bought the veges and fruits and abalone and cut them herself. I think her yu sang was very nice because it has more fruits and vegetables that I like. The normal yu sang we eat outside has very strong ginger taste and I hate it.

The very nice yu sang... with very nice vegetables and fruits.. There were even strawberries in it!

I have simply no idea why my mum and DLQ were positioned so nice on the sofa... enjoying their yu sang... LOL...

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Kongming said...

i ate 5 liao.. omg..