Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello Kitty Plane

I am not sure if you guys know but EVA is launching this Hello Kitty Plane and they are also having a whole new inflight entertainment system.

Therefore, I have been slogging on this, working doubly hard, trying to ensure that no mistakes were made for the past few months. It's really difficult because there are lots of details.

The plane will be featuring Hello Kitty from the stewardess' aprons all the way to the utensils used. It's really cute and pinkish and I am sure that this plane will attract lots of attention from the girls. Even the boarding video is Hello Kitty.

Can't say too much about work, take a look at the pictures:


Anonymous said...

I want I want!


Miko said...

lol.. u go take the plane and then take pictures for us~!