Friday, December 16, 2011

NS Line Breakdown

Today very bloody suay. I was going to Bugis to watch the new Ekin's movie. So I met up with my bro under my block and took a bus to AMK MRT station. I reached AMK at about 640pm. By right I should reach Bugis by 7:20pm and be in time for the movie.

Then the freaking train started dragging itself when it reached Novena and stopped at the station for a very long time.. Bad omen. Then at Newton, it stopped for very long and suddenlthe lights were switched off. We were told to get off the train. Wah lau eah. WTF?

Pek cek leh cuz I dunno when is the next train and the announcer keep saying sorry for incovenience caused. Sorry got what shit use?? I want the train to move so I can reach bugis in time for my show.

Finally another train came and the passengers all squeezed into it. I told my bro that he must by hook by crook cram into that train!

So we were like sardines packed into a tin. inside the train...

Finally the bloody shit train reached Orchard and once again stop for a very long time!!!

I am having this whole stomach of fire. Recently just got this Cab far hike and in October we had public transport fare hike.

Hike here hike there. Hike until very song! But then the train still SUCKS LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS!

Its making me fuming mad as I stood inside this sardine tin in orchard station.

Finally I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I got off and decided to take a bus.

I ran, literally ran to the bus stop at lucky plaza. My bro was tagging behind me and got onto bus 7.

As we bloody hell know, Orchard is always full of people and cars at this peak hour. The bus moved slowly. Slower than any other vehicle on the road. The cars beside us keep moving by and we were just stuck there. Then at every bus stop it has to stop forever to load and unload passengers.


What the hell is wrong with our public transport? What the hell is wrong with our MRT? Keep having breakdowns and disruption. Keep telling us that they are sorry for inconveniences. PLEASE!~ They should compensate us for our inconvenience and not just say it. Like I paid for my movie ticket so is SMRT bloody hell going to compensate me my movie ticket?

And someone also posted a picture on fb. It was a picture taken inside the cab with the screen flashing, 'income opportunity, MRT breakdown along Bishan to Marina Bay, pick up passengers from the stations'.. something like that.

Is this some kind of CONSPIRACY? That SMRT have a breakdown right after the cabs raised their fares? So that people who are rushing for time has no choice but to take the cab? Or so that people will be forced to detour and take a longer route?

Who is going to compensate me for me detour today?????

Who is going to compensate my movie ticket????

Those top people inside SMRT doesn't even take MRT. They don't really care how bad the MRTs are and how the frequent disruptions are affecting the people. It's none of their business. They are just concerned about their paychecks.

From Bugis, the mrt staff still got the cheek to tell me take east line to paya lebar then take circle line to bishan then take bus to AMK. A bloody big detour can?!

I seldom go out after work and for once I go out, I have to endure this kind of shit.

Govt says that we are not having enough social life and therefore we are not getting married and making enough babies.


With this kind of lousy transport, frankly speaking I would rather stay at home. I regretted going out today. So without going out, I wont meet new people and I won't get married, not to mention make babies! So indirectly, SMRT is causing me my social life. How is SMRT going to compensate me????

Transport minister, SLEEPING AH?? Still say our mrt is the best in the world. Best my A%%.

Paying you top salary but you are not deliverying top transport system! Pay u so much money for what? Pay you to sleep on ur job ah??? And make people pek cek with so many disruption and then just come out and say 'sorry for the inconvenience'.

I freaking got so many inconveniences that I cannot finish counting.

Is SMRT really serious about their train service? Or are they really just concerned about their escalators? Always tell people how much effort they spent on maintaining the escalators. Please lah, you think I give a damn to the escalators? Shopping centers got a lot lah... I can use the stairs. ALL I want is the train to work. Like that also very difficult.

Haiz.... Vote Opposition...


Kongming said...

transport minister not in sg..
he juz came back yesterday to see another breakdown

Anonymous said...

the hardcore diehard 35.2% (the magic number Tony Tan got) will tell u that u overreact le.

probably no amount of engineering can prevent accidents like these from happening.

probably it will only happen once in 50 years.

all your troubles and frustrations are caused by u not having enough money, not happy don't take train and bus lah, take taxi, u not happy with taxi? buy your own car. you don't have money to buy your own car? cos u too lazy, never make enough money.

自己没本事 don't blame the world class elites hor.

everything is very good le, everything do swee swee for you, you still not happy, we already send Kate Spat to try to raise resources to install energy saving lightbulbs for our low income families le, still not enough meh? what more can u ask for?