Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gaddict Competition

A Sec Sch fren of mine organised a competition and I participated in it as a support. People support me so I must support them back. The competition involved taking photo of myself with a gadget. Any gadget. As a gadget addict (tho I really can't afford) I think this contest suits me. LOL...

Since I had a show yesterday, I might as well take a photo with make up on. Hahaha. special leh.

No one was at home. Everyone went out. My liang shan bo was late (as usual) so I was all alone to complete this task. I had to use a timer on my camera to take the photos. I took and retook and retook many times because I had to find the right position. It was difficult to use timer without a tripod you know.

Take until my face all become sweaty. Had to touch up make up.

First, show you all the failed photos.

Failed cuz cannot see my hair... I chose the MP3 player cuz I want to have this dreamy photo.

Failed, my hand, no, my fingers were not very nice. Else I think this photo is nice.

Tried one with me looking at the MP3 player but I think it's not as nice as having eyes closed. The famous yueju close eyes technique.

Finally I took one that I think not too bad... Mai hiam can accept. But I gotta edit away the background of my home! Funny right if I just post like that, then everyone can see my living room!

This is the final photo I picked and edited. I wanted to add some background at first but a bit lazy leh.. Haiz. No mood to photoshop. PHotoshop must have mood one. So I chin cai just post like that la.. Anyway I don't expect to win anything. Just participate for fun. LOL

The title of my photo is 英台也疯狂. Zhu Ying Tai cannot resist the temptation fo the good music from her MP3 player while waiting for her Shanbo to come pick her up.


And it is true that I was indeed waiting for shanbo to come. She came very late lor!! My god. My make up all melted. Later on I also took some pictures for shanbo.

Shanbo is an iphone addict. Every single moment must stick to her iphone... So Yingtai snatched the phone away from her and 自拍。

This picture also quit good for the contest but I think I still prefe the MP3 player one. Heh heh~

After I posted my pic on the contest page, my fren told me that he laughed until stmoachache.... Erm... is that a good sign??? LOL my photo is not meant to be funny lor my god. It's the famous yueju close eyes technique leh!!!

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