Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wah lau.... 难得 I today got some time free after completing my slides, want to play with my PSP, skali play halfway low batt. I quickly plug in the AC charger and to my horror my PSP doesn't charge!!! What the hell lor! I dunno what's the problem... It was still charging fine like 2 days ago.

Now it's raining and I must faster bia to AMK to send my PSP to ICU. Wah lau eah, I hope my psp can be discharged on the spot lor. If must stay in for a few days then I sb sian liao.. Still have to go down 2 days later to collect. Dunno even got time to go down collect or not.

And the best part is I think I haven't save the game yet. Though it's not too far off but still! SB fan leh.... Suddenly just die on me like that, the heart just stopped beating, nothing i do can revive it! Change the heart also can revive.. Apparently it's not the heart problem. Dunno what shit problem lor.. Bloody hell..

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