Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cockroach Night

I am gonna write about our trip to Tawau, recording down the little bits and pieces of our trip. Our happiness as well as our sourness.

I didn't write for a long time because I know that this Tawau trip will be a bloody long blog and will probably take me ages to write. Also recently there are some shit people trying to disturb my troupe's peace so I must be very careful.

We arrived at KK on 01 Oct and went for dinner where as usual, we took some nonsense photos. The dinner there I think was by far the second best in the whole trip because we ate mostly in those malay restaurant and their food is very dry. I dun like.

The first night in KK, we stayed in this I dunno what, service apartment? Or motel? I dunno but it's not really a nice place to stay in and I will definitely not stay there if given a chance. First of all, the rubbish bus driver said that he can't drive us right to the motel and had to drop as like opposite the motel. We then had to pick up our luggages and lug them across the street.

Yes, we freaking lugged our luggages across a road including the props. Then we walked clumsily towards the lobby. Suddenly I saw that a cockroach was happily climbing up WX's jeans! I freaked out and shouted at WX.

"WX got cockroach climbing up your legs!"

WX then panicked and started waving her arms blindly trying to fend off the cockroach but we don't see it anywhere. Don't tell me it's in her jeans.

Suddenly we heard a loud scream.

A bloody loud one.


May Teng was screaming like there is no tomorrow. She screamed with all the air in her lungs squeezing out every single molecule.

The cockroach had innocently landed on May's arm.

May then started flinging her arms around wildly and then I screamed too because I was afraid that the she will fling the cockroach at me. I screamed and ran away at the same time.

Along with my scream, several others screamed too cuz they got a shock.

All of a sudden the lobby was in chaos, you can see some people jumping up and down, some people searching the place for the damn cockroach. Then the lift door opened and May Teng dashed in. Whether she brought that cockroach with her, I dunno.

Finally, we decided to bunk in 5 to a room. Me, My mum, May, YH and LZ. The room was very big with 2 big beds so it was ok for 5 to share.

May Teng couldn't calm down after the cockroach incident and she kept looking around to check if there are more hiding around. Starting to get paranoid. She was the first to shower and she didn't close the bathroom door given the reason that she can faster run out if she come across any cockroaches in the bathroom.

Thank goodness we got 2 not-afraid-of-cockroach members in our room. My mum and LZ. They will smack the cockroach if they spot one.

Disastrous. The motel room was quite dirty so we were pretty convinced that there will be cockroaches.

Later on when it was LZ's turn to shower, May Teng went out of the room.

When she came back, she saw that me, YH and my mum were hiding behind a wall. She faster walked to us and we told her that we planned to scare LZ. When she come out of the toilet, she wil see that we all left her alone.

So we stood there behind the wall for some time, waiting to LZ to come out.

To our disappointment, LZ directly walked to the wall where we were hiding and asked what we doing.

Chey... no fun one....

At this point, the room was getting bloody hot. The aircon was not working. We were like cooking in the room. We switched on YH;s USB fan but it was just a small little fan, cannot serve the 5 of us.

Something very funny happened.

First of all, I slept with my mum on the left bed. YH and May and LZ slept on the right bed.

After lying for awhile, I felt warm so I asked my mum that we should sleep the other way, our heads at the foot of the bed which is nearer to the aircon. So 2 of us lied down in the other direction.

After like 5 min, some people kp.

"wah lau so hot cannot sleep"

I told them I feel fine, that my position is fine, I dun feel hot.

So that 38 LZ came over and squeezed with my mum and me. In between us I think. And said that,"wah, here really not so hot hor."

And so we lied in this position and gossiped. AFter some time, May teng was very pekcek cuz she was very hot. So I told her that I sacrifice la, I change with her. So now become May, LZ and my mum in one bed, me and yh in the other.

After more gossip, it was my mum's turn to kp that she can't sleep cuz it was too hot. So she jit tao go move a sofa under the aircon to sleep.

So now is yh and me on one bed, LZ and May on the other and my mum on the sofa under the air-con.

This was the last formation that finally worked and we all fell asleep.

I remember that we had 5 formations before falling asleep but I can't remember which one I missed out... Hmmm maybe yh or may teng can remind me?

So anyway we fell asleep in this perfect formation and suddenly in the middle of the night, the aircon became SUPER strong. We all started to freeze especially my mum who was under the aircon.

Aiyah, it was a terrible night la. First the cockroach then the aircon.

Which also resulted in a bad mood 5ppl team the next day.

The next morning we wanted to have breakfast at Mac. There was one right under our motel.

But our 'tour guide' brought us to a building oppositte to eat the so called local breakfast which is porridge and stuff like that. I dun really want to eat porridge early in the morning but who can defy ang? So we all went and I ordered a pork porridge. It was not so nice so I ate half. YH only ate a quarter I think.

As LZ was the last to recieve her food, she was still eating when ang wanted to go back so she told us to go to her room after we finished eating.

Yay! AFter ang left, we went to Mac to get bf.

I tell you lor, the mac in kk is bloody slow. I tot mac is fast food? Apparently it's SLOW food there and I mean SUPER slow.

I waited like 15 minutes I think and I keep having to tell that malay lady to hurry up... But she just couldn't I dunno why.

We were afraid that if we tu too long in MAC ang will burst and G us all badly.


But heng ah, ang never G us. She just want us to go her room and get a bottle of water (?) each.


Anonymous said...

you missed out the last formation lah.. that was May slept alone, your mum slept at the sofa, then 3 of us slept at the same bed loh... :p

Miko said...

what the heck>??? I missed out the most exciting formation leh!