Thursday, November 10, 2011


*Singing* How can I live without you~~~

Yesterday I was home during lunch time and my mother was angrily eating a pack of carrot cake. I chided her,"Wah seh, today never watch TV, so quiet ah..."

She told me that she has been messing with the hubstation for the past dunno how long but she didn't manage to get it started up. I looked at it and the screen says "signal not found". Can't even switch to channel 8.

My mother was irritated and pek cek. She said,"gian gian lor. No tv to watch. sian... My 'niang jia' cannot watch.. so many episodes, all diao ki lai.. all cannot watch liao..."

And on and on and on she can continue about how frustrated she is not being able to watch cable.

I asked her if she trying switching off and on again and she told me she tried everything.

So I called up SCV and they told me that there is a maintenance going on around my area and the whole area has no signal. He also told me that signal should return by 7pm.

I told me my mum the news and she was very irritated with the fact that there will be no tv until 7pm.

She then went to the kitchen and bring out a pack of vegetables to cut,"Sian ah, no tv, aiyah, pluck the vegetable lah... pek cek. so quiet. my niang jia still got so many episode.."

Then I went back to work.

When I got home in the evening, I saw that she was watching TV again. I asked her what time she got that signal back. She said 3+pm. Hmm.. so early?

"Yah lah, I buey gam wan mah. I walk around the house nothing to do so I press press press every few minutes lor.."

LOL, no cable cannot live..

Today got another issue, my hubstation suddenly cannot record, she pek cek again...

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Kongming said...

sigh.. my software also cant watch niang jia liao... say wat copyright.. faint