Monday, August 15, 2011

Opera Fanatic Blog

Hi friends, for those who have visited my opera blog and found that you can't see it, please do not think it's a bug. :D I have locked it up to prevent further damage done by unscrupulous people who used my blog as a tool to create problems.

I don't write my blog to give me problems. I write it as a record of my own life and also to provide opera information to people. Since no one appreciates and used it for other purposes, I have decided to shut it down. I will announce it in my Mikolah blog when I decide to re-open it. :) Meanwhile, I will still post my opera performances notice here.

When things die down and those 'eat too full nothing to do people' decided not to stir shit then I will re-open my opera blog.

That's all folks!

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