Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Why girls like shopping:

Some time ago I was out shopping with Ponyo. She told me that she can't buy anymore things because she has too many things at home. I agreed with her because that is what I felt about my room too.

Then she told me for example, she has this Juicy Couture bag, which she bought at a sale, has not been used yet. I told her to just get it out and use it lor since she already bought it. She has kept it in her cupboard for a few months le. So she told me,"But I also bought a long wallet from Juicy..."

Me: Then?

Ponyo: The long wallet cannot fit in the juicy bag cuz it's too small.

Me: Then like that you forever no need to use that bag le lor.

Ponyo: Yah so I cannot buy small bags now, all cannot use.

Me: Very easy mah, buy another juicy wallet, a small one, to match your small bag then you can use that bag le lor....

The simple answer to the simple problem.

And so after buying a long wallet, a big bag and a small bag from juicy, she is going to buy another small wallet so that it can match the small bag.

This is why girls like shopping, we are always short of something.... LOL

Of course this doesn't apply to all girls but maybe 90% are like this..

By the way, those of you whom never seen Juicy bags before, they are really lovely!!! I love this brand but I cannot afford so I never bought it. I bought chiong one but spoil liao.

See the first one is the laptop bag:

So cute right their designs, too bad I can't afford. Though not as ex as LV but still a bag that is more than $300 is not in my budget... In fact, I have not bought any bags that is over $40 before...

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Kongming said...

weird logics.. though logical