Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3 More Things

Continuation of my previous blog...

8) I ever visited a cemetary at night with my friends.
Madness, but my friend just asked me to do it again next week! LOL...

9) I look kpo but I actually very bo chup
I look like I am very kpo in everything happening around me but actually I am quite bo chup. I used to be very chup one but after some time I am just tired of all those nonsense so I dun care anymore... as long as it doesn't affect my life then it's none of my business.

10) MD says I don't look like I like Hip hop
My favourite music is Hip Hop.. and Kunqu~ HAhaha... very diverse right... But I dun like to dress kunqu though.. I like to dress hip hop. LOL

Ended~ YH and May Teng said they know all those things I wrote. I mean FEI HUA right... after so many kp sessions at Punggol Park.. I wonder if there is anything I never tell them..

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