Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watching Opera

As we are going to act Ong Bo Chuan in near future, Ang suggested that we go watch the Teochew version of Ong Bo Chuan.

If Teacher open her mouth, all must go unles you got valid excuse. So we all went and knowing that most of the students will be bored, we all 不约而同 brought tidbits and drinks to the venue.

MD brought nuts and a few can drinks. May Teng brought crackers and biscuits (actually is for ah gu one). LZ bought tidbits on the spot. I think my mum brought something too but I forgot. YH brought sweets as usual.

While teacher is sitting in front at the VIP seats, we were partying at the back rows. We didn't get good seats and couldn't really see clearly so most of the time we were chatting and eating and drinking. I think teacher must be really sad cuz the show wasn't very interesting and she couldn't come join us in the party.

In the end towards the end of the show, she came and sit with us. LOL... Our party is too hard to resist liao...

I think where ever we all go, it will be like a party because some people will always bring something over to picnic.

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