Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday I cycled from my home at Serangoon North all the way to Nex. When I came back I was soaked in sweat. My father was shocked to know that I cycled so far and my mum doesn't believe me. She insisted that I took a bus. Oh well.

Then my cousin also don't believe me. They want to see proof. Ok lah. Next time I want to cycle there again I will tie my camera on my bicycle and take video..

I went Nex actually for no purpose. I just want to try cycling there. It was very tiring cuz I will pass by 2 places where it goes uphill. Totally exhausted me to cycle uphill. Felt like I was going to die... Going downhill was shiok but a lot of pedestrian so must keep braking.

I wen to to library at Nex though and borrowed some books.

Since now I am leaving Bedok Yue Opera, I have more time, so I can read some books and watch some movies and read some comics liao. Last time I have to cram all my hobbies in my already very cram time table. Now got more time I can go cycling.

Next time I will try cycling to AMK. I will take a video of that trip.

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