Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cafe Del Mar

Last Saturday there was class at COI but since I am not acting on the following Sunday, i didn't feel like going for the rehearsals at all. I don't want to kana last minute roles or do some free labour work for Chua.

KL and my mum both went to COI for rehearsal so I was pretty bored that day. I asked Locky where he is going. Initially he wanted to rent some DVDs so we can watch together but he couldn't get the shows he wanted. In the end, he asked me to join him and his friends at Cafe Del Mar. Cafe Del Mar is very far away lor. It's at Sentosa so accessing it is quite mah fan but I still went.

Very Suay lor, the first thing I kana when I reached Sentosa was the rain. It wasn't a very heavy rain but heavy enough to hinder my walking. In the end I took the Blue line tram to reach Siloso Beach.

Last year, my company held the family day here but I didn't go. It's so boring to go Family Day alone.

So I met Lock and his friends there. His friends were busying their own things so most of the time, it was only me and Lock sitting there chatting. One of his friends is from Nightlife.sg. He needs to go around taking photos and doing some of his work stuff. The other is a marketing manager of Cafe Del Mar and he was also walking around doing his work stuff.

Lock was hungry and he ordered fish and chips. First time in my life I see lock eating something expensive. Normally he will save the money and refuse to eat such stuff. Hee hee... but when I interviewed him about his savings, he told me that he doesn't save money. Weird lor, dunno where he spent all the money. He told me he spent the money on playing instead.

Taken at Cafe Del Mar, the place quite beautiful right. Lock's main purpose to go Cafe Del Mar was to look at pretty bikini girls. He kept telling me to go out and look at those hunks but I not interested lah.

We left Cafe Del Mar at about 7+pm. Sian leh.... then we had dinner at Sushi Tei, walk around abit and Lock left. He wanted to company me at home to watch DVD at first but I think he changed his mind cuz some pretty girls called him and he left on the spot. So in the end I shop around alone some more until all the shops closed. I didn't buy anything that day. Heng ah.. Didn't see any clothes which I find worth buying.

Life is so boring lor.... Friends told me that I should take a break and go for some holidays. I just went to Guangzhou in January and Iran in February leh.... My god, do I really need holidays that frequent to keep me going? Like that very siong lor. Think I better stay put in Singapore for the time being. Oil prices still soaring up...

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