Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lock's Birthday

Lock's birthday was on 01 July and we had a mini celebration during lunch time for his bday. :)

Lock's birthday cake. Taken upside down and forgot to rotate it. If you really want to see the birthday cake that badly, you can try tilting your monitor screen instead.

We ordered lots of pizzas and side orders from pizza hut.

My colleagues....

Lock looking at his present, wondering what it is. We gave him clues like the present will help him to de-stress and it's something that we like to share....

Lock gave up. He decided to open up the box.

Finally, he opened the box and saw this yellow thing poking out of the paper shreds. My colleagues were encouragin him to pull out the yellowish thing.

Lock pulled it out abit and observed it.

He couldn't help himself when he saw this funny condom stuff toy.

The funny thing is the girls who bought this toy didn't know that it was a condom stuff toy. It was until the other colleagues started laughin and joking about it then they realised.

But that's not all to Lock's birthday present. There are more~

Lots and lots of tidbits. Lock love tidbits so much and it is one of his greatest enjoyment to eat tidbits every now and then in the office. I told Lock not to finish it too fast. Take his time to eat.

However, when I visit his cubical think 3 days ago, the tidbits were already gone! Incredible....

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