Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ultimate Stomach Pain

Didn't get to sleep much last night. I fell asleep at 12+ then within an hour, I was woken up by a mega stomach pain. It's something like a stomach cramp + gastric pain. I only know it's very painful that I can't sleep. When the pain subsided abit, I fell asleep again. Suddenly the pain is back then I woke up again.

Pek cek lor. Cannot sleep properly also.

Then at 7+am, it was mega pain again that I can't get up but I forced myself to get up to go company clinic. After walking for awhile and taking the train, the pain like better liao. Not so painful. So I went to office first to put my bag then go to company clinic. The doctor I saw today was not the usual doctor I know. It was another doctor I never seen before. Haiz, she press press my tummy then asked me questions. Apparently, it's not stomach flu or urine problem so she conclude that it might be severe muscle spasm. I don't know what the hell is that. She gave me super strong pain killers and gastric pills.

After that I took the blood pressure test and the results shows that I got low blood pressure. She told me that one of the symptoms of low blood pressure is grogginess when turning your head too fast. That does happen sometimes and that also explain why I hate to use squatting toilet. Cuz I will blackout when I stand up and I will need to stand there for awhile until the blackout fades away.

In the end I still went for work today. I think it's not so bad after taking painkillers. Still can tahan lor....


Anonymous said...

could b stomach worms. md

sHeDiCo said...

are u ok anot? be sure to be well for my party hor

Anonymous said...

cake + tea
Will avoid eating anything too stimulating, like curry or spicy food, etc. help??

I have stomach pain, but for me it's from time to time. It's indigestion, imbalance of stomach acid.