Monday, July 28, 2008

May Teng Singing

May has been participating in singing competitions lately because she is mad. (hee hee.. no la she not mad) Very pek cek lor, we agreed to go prawning together then suddenly she cannot go because she need to go practice her song for her singing competition.

I have got some pictures of her performing singing but it's from quite long ago, not the recent competition one.
That is her dancing happily on stage.

And this is her at coi before for her singing performance. She rehearsed in that very uncomfortable dress.

In her recent singing contest, she won the 15th position among the 50 participants. She told me that she has proved to herself and everyone else that she is not 'wu yin bu quan'. It's not possible that all the judges and participants got listening problems ba. I wanted to take a photo of her trophy too but too bad la, I don't think I got the chance to do that... Hahaha.. Too bad, all these singing and dancing days will soon be gone.

At least she proved her point before all is gone.


Anonymous said...

thank you dear mk for blogging abt my singing competition. Ya. at least i can prove to others that I am not "wu yin bu quan" and not "she is like that one lor, will run key".... stupid lor.all these remarks really hurt and I still thought i have a listening problems or something... at least now i know, I am normal.... thank god!!!

Miko said...

Hahaha.. yah la.. i purposely blog this before u go mah... To let people know it's not you 'sheng cheng' to run key.. It's cuz u haven't learn the technique. Rest assured, you are normal.