Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Encyclopedia of Useless Information

A few days ago, I read in a newspaper that Tay Pin Hui said he is like an encyclopedia of useless information because he watch alot of national geographic channel and read lots of stuff.

I think I am something like this too. I like to read and find out lots of things which are simply useless in my life. The only reason for find such information is just to satisfy my curiosity. Hahaha.

Like previously I was reading about Northern Lights, then I read about evolution, about insects, which really doesn't benefit me in anyway but I just enjoy it. There are alot of stuff in this world which I want to know but I don't really have time to go find out everything. Like plutoids (a new term for planets), the life of stars, Darwin's theory etc.

Sometime ago, I read about Monty Hall's problem in a book, A curious incident of the dog in the night.

You are in a game show and there are 3 doors in front of you, 1 with a car behind and 2 with goats behind. The host asked you to choose a door and you chose Door 1. The host, knowing what were behind those doors, opened door 3, which revealed a goat, and ask you to choose again. Do you change your decision?

Most people will think that there is a 50-50 chance of getting the car, however, the truth is if you switch door, you will get have double the chances of getting the car which is 66%, up from the previous 33% at first. There is a theory behind it but it's too long to type. If you want to read about it, you can look for 'Monty Hall Problem' in wikipedia.

I tried out the theory with poker cards and by switching the cards, I managed to get 8 out of 10 cards right! And without switching cards, I got 8 out of 10 cards wrong! Amazing right?

It's actually all statistics and probability. Nice information but useless in life. :P


猫儿 said...

doesn't benefit u in anyway? well, it does. it has benefited u already.

A.C. said...

I dunno about "average people", but for people involved in arts or design like us, reading more actually helps to "train" your brain lor.. I'm like you, always reading "junks" from wikipedia and printed encyclopedias... haha... but I can never talk about what I've read with people I know because most likely they won't understand a single thing.. heh..

fr said...

Hi Miko, not really useless, it makes people better - besides more knowledgeable, also more understanding and tolerant.
I think it helps you in your performance too.

Miko said...

AC: U very long never comment me le lor! Tot u mia liao.. hee hee.. What u mean train the brain? Die liao lor. Then ppl like May and YH very jialat cuz they never like to read so they never actually train their brains. YH told me she read less than 10 books in her entire life! Sometimes when I very excited about something I read, I will tell people lor but they will give me blank face. Eg, I will excitedly ask YH,"You know how a star die or not?" Then she give me blank face lor.

FR: Knowledgable but is still useless leh.. got ppl say me before lor.. "Cannot use to make money.. know liao also useless" Kind of sad right.

A.C. said...

I didn't MIA what, I always read, just never reply.. anyway did you visit my blog? I sang LYX... haha... =P

Regarding "training" of brain, my lecturer told me that by reading more and exposing to more things, you implicitly absorb all these knowledge, and you never know when you may simply inject them into your own works naturally, and so we were encouraged to read a wide range of books, not just those related to arts and design. I think it applies to "average" people too, make one of more "substance" lor... I think for YH, she's quite an outspoken person, so think her interaction with diff. kind of people is somewhat similar to reading of lots of books too lor..

Miko said...

I was quite busy so only got time to write my own blog, haven seen ur blog.. but i saw it le and commented! hee hee..

You are quite right about the brain training thing cuz i experienced it when i did multimedia. Unrelated stuff can be put together to create something new. Hahaha.. and yes, yh got many friends lor but those interactions only make her want to die more.