Friday, July 25, 2008


Help needed here!

I am looking for a cheap photo developing shop cuz I have got tons of photos to develop. The cheapest one I can find around my place charge about 30 cents for each photo. I am looking at maybe 25 cents?

Recently full of funny ideas. I am thinking of developing the photos taken in Iran to be made into a photo book. I will use those scrap books instead of the normal photo album to create it. This way, I can do more designing on it.

Then if time permits, I will do another scrap book for my opera photos also. The albums containing my opera photos are seriously overloaded. Think I going to throw away some old photos which I think the make up sucks one.. or I look fat one.. to reduce the number of photo albums clogging up my shelves...


Anonymous said...

i think thats a great idea, memories r very valuable.

Anonymous said...

cake + tea:

I am a crafter, so I am curious:

Is this your first time doing scrapbooking? OR you are an experienced scrapbooker?

彩蝶谷主/ VALLEY OWNER said...

Hi, miko, wanru here.
My Jurong West area here charges 25c for each photo if it reaches 100.

Miko said...

Cake+tea: This is the first time I am doing it so I don't have any idea yet. But I think it will be nice to keep this memory.

Valley owner: jurong is so super far leh... got nearer one?

Kongming said...

chinatown point
i think its around 20 - 25 cents.
confirm liao, sms u