Wednesday, July 16, 2008

May's Lucky Purse

About 2 weeks ago, I went to dinner with May at AMK. We went for our favourite steamboat. Talking about steamboat, a new steamboat restaurant is opening opposite my home. They are taking up a big space and once it is opened, I will jio May go there eat~

Alright, so 2 weeks ago, I met May for dinner. I didn't have time to blog lah so the blog drag until now then got time to write.

We chatted misc stuff over dinner from clothes to bras to food to coi.. etc. Then suddenly she told me that she got a difficult time buying the right purse for her cards and money. (She don't carry wallets, she only carry those pouch like purse and dump everything inside) She said that her purse must know how to 'keep money'.

-_-" diaoz.. what she mean by keep money....

She said that some purses she bought doesn't know how to keep money and everytime she opens the purse, she sees no money inside and got to go draw. Whereas some purses when she opens it, there is always money inside and she no need to draw. So she arrived at a conclusion that some purses helped her to keep money while some don't.

What kind of lousy theory is that lor. I told her that the purse got no money because she spent it. Not because the purse didn't 'keep' money.

She told me that she bought this 'zhao cai mao' purse thinking that it will help her 'zhao cai' and keep money but in the end she lose money at mahjong and everytime she opens the purse, it's empty. She very pekcek and in the end took out the 'zhao cai mao' picture from the purse and used it to keep her mp4 player instead.

The unlucky 'zhao cai mao' purse which now doesn't have the 'zhao cai mao' on it anymore.

She then went on to find a purse which might keep her money and finally, she bought this chi hua hua purse. She told me that she considered a long time whether to buy this chi hua hua purse because it's quite ex and she don't know if it can keep money. Finally, she felt that she got affinity with it so she bought it.

Turns out that this chi hua hua purse can keep money.

This is the one that keeps money.

This teaches us a lesson. If one day you realised you are always broke and there is no money in your wallet, go change your wallet and find the one that keeps money for you.

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