Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going Batam

I am going to Batam on this Saturday and coming back on Sunday. It's only a 2 day trip sponsored by my company. Abit too short but since it's free, I might as well go. I am bringing KangLong along too as we are allowed to bring partners, spouse, children or 2 family members. Lock tried to bring a friend along who was neither partner nor spouse and apparently, this friend is a colleague from a sister company and she knows our boss. In the end she can't go and Lock bobian. He asked a temp staff to go instead. Hee hee... maybe he can 'jia xi zhen zuo'. Who knows.

So I am looking forward to the trip to relax and eat good food. Meanwhile, I will skip a lesson at COI. I think it's ok to skip 1 class since everyone so relax there also.

I will blog about Batam when I return!


fr said...

hmmmm...suddenly so many posts, probably in good mood

Miko said...

hey~ I got prepare what to blog one lor.. i will like run through a bit in my brain then post it. but sometimes busy then run through le never post.. When I free, I better post more else I will forget what I planned.