Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Very Expensive KTV

I think it was last month, my manager asked me and Lock for KTV on a Friday evening. We were very onz so we went with her. After work, my manager took us there with a cab. I seldom take cab after work but my manager doesn't take MRT so we took cab all the way from Harbourfront to Parkway Parade.

We went to the KBox there because my manager likes it there.

As we haven't eat dinner yet, my manager order some finger food. She ordered nuggets, sotong balls and fries. So we happily continued singing for awhile.

Then she decided to order red wine~

My god, nobody will order red wine in KTV lor cuz it's super ex. Anyway she ordered a bottle and finished it~ I can't drink la so i drank only 1 glass. Lock drank 2 glasses I think.

The finger food... and notice the wine on the floor...

At the end of the session, my manger went to foot the bill. I was abit scared to look at the bill. Can't imagine how much all that will total up to it.

However, I plucked up the courage and took a peek. Guess how much is this session for 3 person???


My god.. It was the most expensive ktv session I went lor.


Anonymous said...

ur manager also know Lock ah?

well, managers had their 'way' of spending in entertainment. :p

dont know how long ago was e lat time i went ktv liao...

Miko said...

lock is my colleague leh now///