Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Balls of Fury

Yesterday Lock jio me to watch Balls of Fury. He warned me beforehand that it's a stupid show but I went anyway because I didn't feel like going to COI.
Indeed, it was a very stupid show and stupid shows can make me stupid. There is no plot and some of the jokes are pretty lame. The unbelievable part is, there were actually quite a lot of audiences and it was shown in the biggest theatre in Cathay.
I told Lock that he can make a much movie than this if he combine powers with Henry.

In the end, Lock admitted that he wanted to see the show because Maggie Q was starring in it.

I knew it. There must be some reason. I think Chuck and Larry will be a better show than Balls of Fury.

After the show we were chit chatting and I told Lock about Henry's original idea for a new opera script.

Henry was bored one day and we were chatting on MSN. He told me that maybe I can act a new version of Liang Zhu. I was sure that he was going to tell me something very crappy.

Why not do.. Zhu Ying Tai VS Sun Wu Kong?

Erm.. like how?

Like Zhu Ying Tai fight with Sun Wu Kong and she threw butterflies at him?

Erm.. That is stupid. Why did Zhu Ying Tai want to fight Sun Wu Kong?

Cuz Zhu Ying Tai was a butterfly spirit.

Lock told me that it is good to know that somethings remain unchanged cuz Henry is still as crappy as ever. Ya, it's good to know that Henry is still alive somewhere else and he is still the same old Henry. I kind of miss hin. I miss those days in Poly. So carefree and fun.

Life sucks now.

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