Friday, October 26, 2007


Some time ago, I don't remember when was it but I remember that it was before acting MLJ, I went to May's house to collect costumes. I don't know why we arrive to the topic of Eskimos.

Me: Eskimos live in igloos.
May: Are there toilets in igloos? I am very curious cuz when I watched cartoons of eskimos (when I was a child), I always wondered what is it like inside an igloo.
Me: I don't know what it looks like inside.
May: Please do some research.
YH: Eskimos live where?
Me: Alaska ba. Not sure leh.
May: Inside got kitchen?

So I did a research that time and arrive at some insteresting results.

Eskimos are aboriginal people who live in Siberia, Alaska and Iceland.

They eat food from the sea mostly seals (staple food), whales, salmon, cod etc but they eat the food raw. Yes, that means they don't have kitchens in igloos. Sometimes they will hunt for fox or polar bears also. Disgusting right. I can't imagin eating raw polar bears.

In order for them to hunt, they cannot live in a stationery place. Eskimos are nomads. They move around so they have to rebuild the igloos very often. That means there is no toilet in the igloo. I don't know where they did their business. It was not mentioned. Probably in the sea ba.. hahaha...

There are only ledges acting as beds in igloos. nothing much inside. Here is a side view of an igloo.

There are alot of information on the net about eskimos but I am not going to blog them all because you guys will fall asleep. I realised that you don't really like such informative entries (no comments on such entries) so I will just cut them short. :D

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