Friday, October 12, 2007


This year we have got extra variable bonus. So good! Finally got money to top up my poor depleting bank!

I was very surprised when boss called me into his room. I thought I did something wrong or what but he let me sign this bonus letter and explained to me how the bonus was distributed. I was confused at first. I thought that the bonus letter was for last year's bonus. Anyway, I waited till I got my pay slip first.

The bonus is.. guess how much?

3.25 months!

So happy lor.. but mine was pro-rated cuz I joined the company last year Apr and this variable is for last year.

So in total, this year I will be getting 5.25 months extra! Cuz we got compulsory 13th and 14th month. Maybe cuz my company got listed in Paris stock exchange so they are feeling very generous.. I hope they will feel generous next year too!

So shiok but unfortunately, they give out the bonus seperately.

June - 1 month
Sep - 2.25 months
Nov - 1 month
Dec - 1 month

The money like not alot when they give out separately like this but anyway, I am happy lor. First time got 5.25 months bonus.


Anonymous said...

wow! wat company ah? so good!!!!!! xj

Miko said...

Bureau Veritas~ PSI company lor. They will give variable every year but the amount will be different sometimes.