Friday, October 26, 2007

Missed me?

So long never blog le, you guys got miss me???

Hee hee...

I haven't been blogging so long you all must have thought that I went to Taiwan with May and YH but you are wrong. I didn't go. I am still here in SG. I don't feel like going to TW, kind of sian. Instead of going to tw so many times, I have decided to save the money and go somewhere else like Egypt. I wanna go CAIRO!

Ok... so these few days I didn't do anything productive but I have been learning some raps and playing PS2 again.

Yes, I stopped playing PS2 for 8 months cuz I got distracted by something or rather, somebody. I am back now! Yes, I am back to beat the crap out of those stupid bosses in FFX.

I haven't complete FFX and you can laugh your ass off if you want to. I don't care.

I have read lots of guides and FAQ on FFX and there are still so many things to do in the game I think I will take 200 hours to complete. All the sidequests, collecting the Aeons, maxing the stats of my characters and collecting weapons.

Think you all don't know what the hell I am saying.

Ok, like I said, I have beeng learning up some raps (Mostly by Jay Chou). I got nothing else better to do I guess. I can do the 本草纲目 almost perfectly now and I am glad! So now I am learning 懦夫 and 乱舞春秋. I am almost there already with these 2 raps. Hopefully I can go try out in KTV soon. :D

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